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Can the "first world" relate to internet disruption?

Our first chance to present HexHoot to a large audience was in the last week of April this year, at our university. We talked a lot about how deliberate internet shutdowns by different powerful organizations, or, internet disruptions due to certain mishaps would prevent people from using most of the popular internet services for communication. Following the talk, I was given feedback that the people in the "first world" would not be able to relate to this problem, and hence, they would not take this project seriously. At the time, I did not have a good response to it; the best that I could come up with was "What happens if the undersea cables get destroyed due to an earthquake?". Recently, I came to know about a widespread internet disruption that happened in Canada in July 2022. I read the details about this on  Wikipedia . Around 25% of Canadian people lost access to internet connectivity, which means that over 12 million people could not access internet services.

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