The ability to communicate without the Internet is important

HexHoot is being developed to not limit its communication capability just over the Internet. We believe that HexHoot needs to be a communication platform that can leverage multiple communication mediums. There are two fronts to this belief.

The first front is that there are dozens of industries where the information companies hold has to be highly confidential to have a competitive edge. One of them is the Aerospace industry. Companies require software for internal communication to boost their productivity. It is desirable that the communication software used can work in the Intranet without being connected to the Internet, as there is no scope for data leakage.

The second front is that deliberate internet shutdowns are becoming increasingly common globally. According to Top10VPN, in 2022, an estimated 710 million people were affected, which resulted in an economic cost of about $24 billion. Note that this number does not include non-deliberate internet outages, which, if included, the number would be much higher.

We are attempting to make communication seamless through any communication medium. HexHoot has an advantage that it does not require a central server to work, enabling us to solve these problems.


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