Why HexHoot?

The following question is something that people would ask me quite often when I talk to them about HexHoot. If you look around, you can see quite a lot of software, like WhatsApp, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc., that helps in communication. Why would one attempt to create yet another tool that solves the same problem?

The thing is, we are not exactly trying to compete with the existing communication platforms head-on; rather, we are setting up a framework that would enable the concept of user authentication in applications that can run without any centralized servers.

Much of the traditional softwares that enabled Peer-to-Peer communication relied on a centralized server to authenticate users, not because they wanted to do this, but because that was probably the only way at the time. We, on the other hand, have accomplished to solve this using Zero-knowledge-proof strategies.

Internet is supposed to be free; free as in "libre" and not "gratis". There is a tendancy in the world that certain closed source algorithms are actively deciding what content the people must be exposed to. You can't view their source code, while they read each and everything about you.

We would like to reverse that. HexHoot is an Open Source project that is aimed at creating a platform for communication between people, while all data is stored locally on the users' computers.


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