Released HexHoot v1.0.3; Featuring Intranet Communication!

A new version of HexHoot has been released. This release includes a couple of new features and a lot of bug fixes. We hope this will help enhance the user experience and make communication even more convenient and fun.

HexHoot now supports communicating over the intranet, which will allow individuals and companies to use HexHoot within their private networks. This feature will be useful for organizations that deal with sensitive information and need to restrict access to their communication channels. At the moment, the feature may have a limitation that it would only work in smaller local networks; we are working to expand this and make it seamless.

Additionally, we have implemented emojis for chat, which would add a fun and expressive dimension to HexHoot. This feature has been designed with user experience in mind, taking various research in the field into account. The five most frequently used emojis appear on the left, while the rest of the emojis can be reached by simple scrolling to the side. We hope this feature makes communication more engaging and enjoyable.

We have also identified several issues in the previous release, and have attempted to fix at least a few of them in this one. We are still working to continuously improve HexHoot so that it will be a reliable tool that everyone enjoys using.

You can download this release from GitHub, linked below:


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